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We manufacture high-quality dimmer panels, for lighting control, typically used in theatres, churches, school auditoriums, hotel ballrooms and lobbies, etc.  All of our panels are made to order.  We can build your dimmer system with any number of dimmed circuits, or varying wattages, including non-dim circuits.  This is unlike other manufacturers systems, which typically require you to buy a specific 'package' of dimmers (6, 12, 24, etc.) all of the same wattage (1200, 2400, 3600, etc.)  Our panels can be built with an unlimited number of combinations, and are listed as UL508 and OSHA compliant.

In addition, we sell controls and dimmers and lighting fixtures and instruments from several other manufacturers.  These include, but are not limited to: Strand Lighting, EDI, Lightronics, Leprecon, L & E, Doug Fleenor Designs, Dove Systems, Baxter Controls, and Performance Electric.

We have longstanding relationships with several local Electrical Contractors, and Electrical Engineers.  We can see your job through from consultation and design, to manufacture and installation, to training, service, and repairs.